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Catholics & the Politics of Social Welfare

The sources that I have selected for this week’s discussion are centered around Catholic women and their fight for employment in the church. The first source regards Chicago Catholic women and a boycott that is held on Mother’s Day in an attempt to force the Catholic Church to ordain women as priests. The second source also regards the Chicago Catholic Women and their fight for employment, with the source detailing an employment program established in 1977 and describes the results of a survey conducted to local Chicago Catholic parishes centered around the presence of working women in the Catholic Church.

These sources are fascinating and are interesting sources that take a sneak-peek at the climate of Catholic Women and their fight for different forms of social equality. These sources in particular are taking a look at employment and gender equality in the church. While employment within the Church and the inequality that is often associated with that is not the hottest social welfare topic, it is important for us to analyze these sources to get a sense of the tensions that exist between woman and the members of the Church hierarchy in their fight for employment equality.

Chicago Catholic Women- Mother’s Day Boycotts

Women Seek Employment


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