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Hello! Welcome to my site! My name is Niko Callas, and I am a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago in Chicago, Illinois. I am majoring in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, with a minor in Bioethics. I know it may seem a little odd that a heavy science major would be taking a course on American Catholicism, so allow me to explain.

I was recently baptized and confirmed Catholic, after being without religion for the majority of my life. I was incredibly interested in Catholicism and how it could allow me to express my faith, however, I was unable to really learn about the history of Catholicism, nonetheless in America. So, when I came upon this course, I thought it a perfect opportunity for me to reach out and learn more about the history of my new religion in my home country. Not only did I take interest in this course for the ability to learn more about a personal section of my life, but it also presents an opportunity to do personal research. As a scientist, I intend on doing research all throughout my career, however, at the moment, I have not had much personal research experience. I believe that this course presents an unprecedented opportunity for me to learn about the research process and grow significantly by conducting my own project. I love learning more than anything else in this world, and this course presents me with the ability to learn more about Catholicism in a way that I couldn’t have before, as well as personally delve deeper into the subject and grow by conducting a research project all on my own.

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