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Have Catholic Parishes and Politics Been as Local as the Rest of America?

"We cannot keep ourselves shut up in parishes, in our communities, when so many people are waiting for the Gospel!" Pope Francis Tip O'Neill, a former U.S. Speaker of the House, was once described by former President Bill Clinton as "the nation's most prominent, powerful and loyal champion of the working people"[1]. Mr. O'Neill, known... Continue Reading →

Catholics Confront Race & Racism

“Human life is sacred and inviolable. Every civil right is based on the recognition of the first, fundamental right, the right to life, which is not subject to any condition, of a qualitative, economic and certainly not of an ideological nature."[1] Pope Francis When it comes to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and... Continue Reading →

Catholics Fighting & Resisting Wars

“However, as Christians we remain profoundly convinced that the final aim, worthy of humanity and of the human community, is the abolition of war. Therefore, we must always make efforts to build bridges that unite rather than walls that separate..."[1] Pope Francis War: Can we ever get away from it? With every newspaper, nightly newscast,... Continue Reading →

The Catholic Vote

     "The people are sovereign. I would only say, study the proposals well, pray and choose with your conscience." Pope Francis   The 2016 American Presidential Election stirred up the nation, causing more Americans to stand and voice their opinions on not only the politicians, but the issues that the country was and has... Continue Reading →

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